Patient Stories & Reviews

For Green Valley Fertility and Dr. Fisch. We’ve had so many amazing experiences with our patients. Here are a few.



July 2018

Our journey has been a long one and now I can say it has been totally worth every shot, bruise, blood draw, medications, exams and procedures. Thank you Dr. Fisch, Ivy, Leah, Amy and all the people behind the scenes that make everything possible at Green Valley Fertility Partners and for helping us achieve our goals of having our own little miracles. We are extremely grateful and so happy we had all of you on our side throughout this journey. Special thanks to Ivy for always answering all my questions and concerns. She is truly an amazing person and helped put my mind at ease about this whole process.(I nicked name her my fertility godmother 🙂 ) Going through fertility issues is not easy but I know you wont be disappointed with this amazing team. Wishing baby dust to all who read this. We are due January 31, 2019 with Twins!!!


June 2018

My overall experience with them is always excellent everytime I go there for an appointment or follow up. I found them through my insurance. I called different fertility clinic and they charged for consultation but with Dr. Fisch they don’t charge which already gave me an idea that this doctor is not after with my money. He gave us hope to have a baby. Explained thoroughly the process and how my age and my body affects the IVF process. Way back 2013 we did IVF 3 cycles from Red Rock but nothing happened it was not successful pregnancy. I kinda gave up already and accepted myself that I wouldn’t have a chance to be a mother. But when I consulted with Dr. Fisch he explained to me that we still have a chance to conceive. Currently right now I am 10 weeks pregnant. I am so thrilled and excited to meet my little angel. The staff are so nice too. I’m afraid of needles but the lady that always take my blood is very gentle and very nice. Shout out to Lia one the staff she always ask me if I am okay, if I need more time. I recommend this clinic to all people out there that is trying to conceive with the help of science. Dr. Fisch is very caring and gentle doctor! I am very happy and grateful that I went to his clinic. Now I can proudly say that I am a complete woman.


June 2018

Dr. Fisch and his team are amazing. The support staff of nurses from the nurse in prep and recovery to Amy, Charisse and Leah are the best. We felt comfortable in the office and they were always supportive. Dr. Fisch is patient very knowledgeable. We did 3 IUI cycles and 2 IVF. We got pregnant on our 2nd IVF cycle. Dr. Fisch was determined to help us get pregnant.

Going from 100% fertility doctor to being turned over to an OB makes you appreciate them that much more. Never waited long to be seen and any time we had questions his staff was always helpful.

We are due in Jan 8, 2018 and we already let Dr. Fisch know we will be back for our 2nd child! We wouldn’t trust anyone else thru this process.


June 2018

My wife and I cannot say enough great things about Green Valley Fertility Partners. First off, we had consultations with many different fertility centers in the valley and everything from the moment we walked in to meeting with Dr. Fisch just felt right. The receptionists and all the nursing staff are the most caring individuals and we looked forward to every appointment we had. We did both IUI and IVF, some unsuccessful but we are so ecstatic to finally say we are 4 months pregnant and we wouldn’t have want to go through this journey with anyone else except for Dr. Fisch and the staff here. EVERY visit you have, the Doctor is the one that sees you for all your appointments. I have friends and family that have gone to fertility centers and sometimes they don’t meet with the Dr and instead the nurses meet with the patient for ultra sounds, etc. but that is not the case at Green Valley – the Dr. sees you every time. Dr Fisch makes you feel so comfortable and explains everything so you understand and overall truly makes this journey seem so simple and he has a great personality too. Once we got pregnant and turned over to our OBGYN we didn’t want to leave because they just took such good care of me. I love all the nurses, especially Leah and Sherice and we cannot wait until we return for our second child! 🙂


September 2018

We love Dr. Fisch! My husband and I didn’t want to freeze any embryos and Dr. Fisch listened to our request. He was very understanding and made suggestions on how to go about the process with thawing my eggs and fertilizing them without freezing any embryos. Doctor retrieved 30 of my eggs and 28 were matured enough. Out of the 28 eggs we thawed out 2 eggs and both made it to be fertilized and both also made it to fertilization and decided to do a 3 day transfer. I am now 11 weeks pregnant with twins and I was release from Dr. Fisch’ office at 9 weeks and 2 days. Our experience with Dr. Fisch has been really great and easy and I would totally go to him again. And all the staff were friendly and amazing. So, we thank you for everything!


January 2018

Dr. Fisch, Melissa, and the entire staff treat us like family! We have had two successful transfers. One is now an active 1 year old and we have twins on the way! Dr. Fisch is extremely intelligent and an expert in infertility. He makes the process easy and affordable. We will be back for another cycle. We wouldn’t trust anyone else. So glad we found Green Valley Fertility!


January 2018

We struggled for four years to get pregnant on our own. I started a new job that had health insurance and we were able to start seeing Dr. Fisch. We found out I have PCOS and started treatment with Clomid about a year ago and had to increase my dosage to three times the norm. My body just didn’t respond. Not wanting to wait anymore, I started hormone shots in late spring. Again, it took a lot to make my body even start to respond. It looked like our only option was IVF, and we were heartbroken because it just wasn’t feasible. I took a break and went on birth control in July and August. Then we went to Dr. Fisch and decided to try Femara. It seemed like a long shot because the Clomid hadn’t worked at all. The first month, my body responded and I ovulated but didn’t get pregnant. The second try, we found out it worked and that we were pregnant! Through all of last year, Dr. Fisch and his staff were so kind and supportive to me. They never made me feel like just another patient. I would recommend them to anyone struggling with infertility.

Trever, Nicole and Harper Lane

After our unexpected infertility diagnosis we came to you feeling lost, hopeless and brokenhearted; we were unsure if our dream of becoming parents would ever evolve. Within minutes of sitting down in your office, you gave us hope that we would overcome this incredibly difficult battle and immediately restored our faith. Words cannot express how much we appreciated your support, love, and guidance during this difficult journey. You and your staff were always available to answer our questions and quell our fears. You are such a selfless, compassionate and optimistic individual and we can only hope that we are able to instill such values in our baby girl.
We love you, Milissa, Amy, Juanita, and Melanie like family and we cannot thank you enough for helping us become parents. You all hold a tender part in our hearts and we will ensure that Harper knows how important all of you are to our family. Thank you from the bottom of our overflowing hearts. Our tiny miracle is living proof that dreams do come true. We cannot wait for IVF round #2!

Trever, Nicole and Harper Lane