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Ovum Donation

Donor eggs are used alongside in vitro fertilization (IVF) to successfully treat women with age-related infertility, premature ovarian failure, egg factor infertility, and women who have had multiple failed cycles of IVF.

Statistics show that success rates are very good with an ovum donation cycle, sometimes reaching 70% pregnancy rate and 60-65% take home baby rate with a fresh embryo transfer. Generally, there are extra embryos that can be used later during a frozen embryo transfer cycle (FET). A typical pregnancy rates with a frozen embryo transfer cycle is 40-50% success per transfer. Miscarriage rates and genetic risks are minimized because young, healthy eggs are fertilized.

Throughout the course of an ovum donation cycle, the egg donor takes fertility medication to cause superovulation. With the help of this medication, egg donors will typically produce 15-40 eggs. Using standard IVF techniques, the eggs are retrieved and fertilized with the sperm from the recipient couple. After these steps are complete, we will synchronize your uterine receptivity to the egg donor’s cycle.

Ovum Donation vs. Adoption

Adoption is a great option for couples that simply cannot conceive. We would never discourage a couple from considering adoption. There are, however, some advantages to using an egg donor over adoption. One benefit is the control over the prenatal environment. Because the egg donor recipient carries the child during the pregnancy, couples have much more input and ensure their child is not exposed to alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs. Another benefit is that the child is biologically related to the male partner.

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