About one in a hundred couples will experience recurrent miscarriage, which means having three or more miscarriages in a row.

A single miscarriage can be a terrible experience, making recurrent miscarriage truly devastating to the unfortunate couples who have to live through it. It can strike at the core of strong relationships, and put people in a dark emotional place.

One reason that recurrent miscarriage can be so difficult is that each member of the relationship may cope differently. It is very easy and very common for couples to misunderstand each other, and experience great conflict.

Testing for Miscarriage Causes

After three miscarriages, you should see a fertility specialist for testing. One or two miscarriages is common enough that it may just be chance. Even for those with several miscarriages, testing may not reveal a cause, however. About half of the time, no specific cause is found for the recurring miscarriage. And when a cause is found, some causes aren’t treatable, so couples should not expect a series of tests to solve their problems.

What Causes Recurrent Miscarriage?

One of the major risk factors for recurrent miscarriage is age. If you and your partner are 35-40, the risk is higher. Being overweight is another risk factor.

A known cause of recurrent miscarriage is abnormal blood clotting. Called antiphospholipid syndrome (APS), your body makes abnormal antibodies that attack certain fat cells, making the blood stickier.

Another known cause of recurrent miscarriage is abnormal chromosomes. Half of all miscarriages occur because the chromosomes from either partner have not come together in the right way.

Other contributing conditions include:

  • Cervical weakness
  • Abnormally shaped uterus
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Infection

Does Treatment Work?

As mentioned before, some the above problems can be treated, and some cannot. Some treatments are simple, and other can be more complicated.

Don’t Give Up

In most cases, couples are more likely to have a successful pregnancy the next time than to have another miscarriage. This is true even if you’ve already had three miscarriages. It can be terrifying to wonder if you’ll have to experience the same heartbreak over again, but in the end, creating a family is worth the endurance!