Gay men and women seeking to build families may have questions about fertility treatment as it pertains to their lives.

Lesbian family building

Many lesbian and single women choose intrauterine insemination (IUI) using donor sperm to start their families. In this procedure, sperm are washed and concentrated, and then placed directly into a woman’s uterus when she is ovulating. Using this method can also overcome some cases of infertility, as the sperm don’t have to swim as far, and are able to bypass natural barriers in the vagina and cervix.

In other cases where more serious infertility issues are present, in vitro fertilization is the better choice. Problems with ovarian reserve, tubal issues or pelvic factors may make IVF the treatment option with the highest chance for success. In general, IVF is the infertility treatment with the best outcomes.

Lesbian couples may choose to have one partner provide the egg, and the other partner carry the pregnancy. The partner giving the egg will undergo ovarian stimulation and surgical retrieval of eggs, and then the IVF procedure will begin. The embryo is then placed in the partner who will carry the child until birth.

Gay family building

Gay couples and single gay men can have their own biological children, with the help of a few trusted procedures. Using donated eggs and the sperm of the intended parent, the IVF procedure produces an embryo. This embryo is then placed in a surrogate, or gestational carrier.

The success rates for this process are good, as donated eggs can be very high quality, and the gestational carriers can provide optimal uterine environments.

Gay and lesbian couples and individuals should consult with Dr. Fisch when deciding about which procedures to use. Most patients will have questions about the procedures involved, and about recommendations for surrogacy, which Green Valley Fertility Partners can answer.